… was a live project based on an adaption of the play Amedee. I was tasked to design a book that would be exhibited as part of a collection at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where the play was being shown. This project had its highs and lows but I feel that it is one of my more successful projects. My starting point was a quote from the page of the script I was given; ‘I’m like a moth’ and ‘He’s the flame’. I began exploring moths and their biology as well as they’re symbolic meaning in a variety of cultures. I also thought about the idiom ‘Like a moth to a flame’ and tried to recreate this in my work and linking it to the plot of the play. The project also explores the themes of secrecy, damage and the passing of time. I worked using a variety of techniques from paper cut and pattern design to painting and creating texture. The final book was made, printed and bound in a simplistic yet high quality manner as I wanted it to have a professional finish to contrast the texture and experimental quality of the images it displays. I have learned many things from this project and I plan to use it to inspire and fuel my future briefs. 
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