BCE Business Cards
The client wanted to have a range of business cards with textural backgrounds that were all different but still felt like a set. She wanted to reflect the teal and blue tones from her website so I edited all of the imagery to the same colour range. I then also designed a minimalistic back to contrast the business of the front, but using the same colours to maintain consistency. The company's ethos is about guiding people through their journey, their tagline being 'Your Sherpa Through The Perils of Marketing, PR, Project Management, and Beyond!'. I wanted to reflect this in the imagery used in the cards, combined with organic textures. 
BCE Logo
I was commissioned by the same person that contacted me regarding the Glass Hamlet music video, however this time she wanted me to create a logo for her new company. She wanted it to be inspired by a compass and to have a hand-drawn feel with watercolour elements. After much deliberation she settled on two versions of the same logo with different type weightings. 
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