The Penguin Random House Student Design Award is an annual competition open to students in higher education who want to pursue a career in design and experience a real cover design brief. The winners will get a 4 week placement at Penguin Random House Design Studios. Entrants can submit one design into each category from Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction and Children's Fiction. The designs need to be striking, imaginative, well executed and clearly place the book for its market. A strong and confident use of typography and understanding of design is vital, as well as a creative and original concept. I decided to work on both the Adult Fiction (Animal Farm by George Orwell) and the Adult Non-Fiction (A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking). I felt the 'Animal Farm' would give me a challenge as the idea's could be slightly more literal and narrative based. Whereas 'A Brief History of Time' could challenge me to use my existing ideas and visual language but within a new context.
I wanted to create a cover that didn't feel like your standard 'school textbook' but instead to be a beautiful object to own that enticed you to delve into the world Hawking has revealed to us. I thought about the concepts of liquidity and spheres, using abstract photography to capture an image that looked as if it could be that of stars and planets far away in our solar system. I also played with the ideas of concealment and revelation. 
Final Design
Design Ideas
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