ld chocolaterie branding & packaging design


LD Chocolaterie (Passion Project)


Branding | Marketing

Here at Studio Calyptus we believe in the power of staying creative and doing projects for fun and practice. Working on passion projects can help keep the creative juices flowing and help generate better ideas for our clients!


The brief for this project was to create a lettermark logo and packaging design for a luxury chocolate brand! We wanted the brand to feel dark and sumptuous but still light, fresh and contemporary. It needed an organic touch as we envisioned it being a company that valued social and environmental issues – fairtrade, organic cocoa beans at no cost to the environment!


Using a cursive typeface for the lettermark helps to envisage the liquidity of melted chocolate which we also feature on the packaging using a block colour. To incorporate the organic element we utilised a ‘sun-type’ icon in a variation of the primary logo and botanical illustrations of cocoa beans.