som num branding


Som Num (Passion Project)



Here at Studio Calyptus we believe in the power of staying creative and doing projects for fun and practice. Working on passion projects can help keep the creative juices flowing and help generate better ideas for our clients!


The brief for this project was to create simple, easily recognisable logo mark for som num, a bluetooth-enabled mattress startup. They needed an icon that could be easily embroidered onto a mattress and they were developing an app so it needed to work well as a favicon and on small screens. They wanted it to be fun and not too serious to visualise the playfulness of the brand. Brands they liked included Casper, Helix Sleep and Tuft & Needle.


Simplicity was really key here, as it was listed several times in the brief and for a variety of good reasons. We played with the idea of lightness and softness, a tad cliche for a mattress brand we admit but fitting for this brief. The cloud icon is minimal in an almost naive way which brings the playful aspect to the brand. We also used only lower case typography to enhance this youthful feel. Using calming blue hues tones down the playfulness a little as a reminder that one of the main purposes of the brand is sleep. This combined with soft imagery and the occasional playful, sexy element comes together to tick all the boxes in this brief!